vineri, 21 octombrie 2011

Turn 1-80 and you’ll be amazed…

These were the words of a rather crazy man I’ve met in a park last spring.
 He smiled.
 Looked into my eyes.
 And left.

I knew he wasn’t joking; there was a spark in his eyes, a twist in his smile, which gave him away.
I knew it wasn’t a riddle; the words were too simple the meaning too obvious.
I knew what he meant but I was never the kind that takes advice easily.

I’m genetically engineered to always take the long way to get somewhere.
I walked away, continued admiring the swans and smiling to the sun. He was just another random guy with a god complex or at least the impression that wisdom runs through his veins. Under no circumstance the type of person I would take seriously.

A couple of days ago I remembered him, his twisted smile. It was staring back at me from the mirror.
My twisted smile turned to a grin and the grin into a slight laugh. I’ve changed so much in just a couple of months.  I’m not afraid anymore to speak up, laugh out loud, look into people’s eyes or leave. Now I admire seagulls, smile to the wind and walk forward. I'm full of energy even when running on two hours of sleep a cup of mocha and a bar of bounty. Silence scares me. Loneliness makes me feel claustrophobic. I feed on the rush, the flow of information, change and challenge. I still stumble from time to time but only to make sure that the ground is still there. I know that great things wait ahead; I feel it in my bones.
It’s hard to explain everything that's happening or that I’m feeling now.
But it feels damn good!